Pack of Nurses

Flick through the pages of a dictionary or search online and you'll find collective nouns for nearly every group of people, animal or thing. From rattlesnakes to sloths, painters to jurors, the list is endless. On Wikipedia there is a recognised collective noun for Doctors (doctrine/dose) but go further down the list and you'll find a glaring omission. There isn't an official collective noun for nurses!

During a time of great pressure on the NHS, we would like to acknowledge all of the hard work done by nurses. In recognition of the significant and unique contribution nurses make to the NHS we would like to identify the term used to describe a group of nurses. On April 18th, at the St George's Hospital Student Nurse Congress, we will ask the group of nurses in attendance to finalise a poll to decide the term to describe a collective of nurses. We invite you to have your say.

What do you think a group of Nurses should be called?
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